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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Appearance and why it is so important in Sales

Appearance is one of the most important things you must tend to in order to boost your sales career. Why?

This is because there are actually two reasons why you would want to have a good appearance.

The primary reason is because you can only sell if you get in the door. Unless you get the body before the prospect it is obviously clear that there will be no sales for that day.

Now the second reason is just as important as the first.

After you get in the door you have to have confidence in your self so that you can do the job and overcome any objections to your offer as well as have the confidence to ask for the order.

If you can overcome the objections and ask for the order several times if necessary; believe me you can make the sale in the majority of the selling situations that you are going to find yourself.

It goes with out saying that a selling fool (the highly respected, professional salesperson) will not only have impeccable manners and demeanor, they will have an impeccable appearance as well. Having a good appearance helps you build your self confidence and demeanor. You will feel much more successful when you are well dressed; looking sharp and looking like the salesperson your customer is eager to do business with.

So in short, if you want to earn a stellar living in sales you must have an impeccable appearance. It is just a given.

Now I do agree that it is true that a blind hog or sloppy salesperson may occasionally dig up an acorn but why would you want to do it the hard way.

The steps necessary to have a terrific appearance are not as difficult as you may think. It is true you need first class professional dress. This means ladies and men should wear business suits or tasteful sports coats and dress trousers. This way they can put forth a tasteful professional image and look their best. If you are a little heavy set like me, by all means find a tailor and invest in some alterations. I can tell you from my own experience that a two or three hundred dollar suit that fits the way it is supposed to will look ten times better than a five or six hundred dollar one that is ill fitting.

If you are a good shopper you can find the suits and dresses on sale that you need to be wearing and still look like a million dollars with out spending one dime more and probably a lot less than some of your ill dressed peers. The secret is the fitting and the color selection. The suit, shirt, tie, belt, sox and shoes have to go with one another.

Your shoes need to be shined and sparkling and in good repair. No run down heels, broken straps or shoe strings. Once shoes have been shined a few times and a good wax base has formed it is a simple task to buff them each evening to keep them looking professionally shined. Putting wax on once or twice a week will then preserve the shine with a minimum of effort.

Pay close attention to personal hygiene. The prospect is not going to tell you why he is not letting you in the door. I worked many years in southeast Texas where the people suffer from the high humidity and high temperatures from early June through September. I took two shirts to work many a day so I could be refreshed when I went out in the early evening on the last few calls after running between houses in the hot sun all day. Some days I probably could have used three shirts instead of two.

For some great tips on why and how to create an impeccable appearance of not only your self and your accessories as well as your car, SUV or truck you can go to There you will find how to easily maintain your vehicle's appearance as well as your own. Prospects look at your car just as judgmental as they look at your clothes, grooming and any equipment or accessories you may carry with you.

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Thank you,

Billy J Gibson


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